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I was gonna do a holiday gala outside of madison square gardenn or time square because people always love to go to New York at christmas.

it was gonna be a christmas charity event gala

it was gonna have gourmet treat with finger foods nothing like just hot dogs.

I was gonna have runways running out in quad angles from each other with different attire of each model for most winter clothing for holidays and all sport events type clothing one runway would have been high attire for people for holidays events

it was gonna be a gal event in honor of my daughter and all people who are afflicted with multiple sclerosis who are terminal

people love events for charity during holidays especially in new york which is high tourist in holiday season coming from all over the world and nation

I was not trying to reach clients as much as the public smaller businesses and people for a good casue

I had all this in my head so well

the area would have been decorated so festive and appealing with winter wear for holidays ice skater skiers and all sports events that happen in winter lol