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The Real Mystery Hunter
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"Every day is a New Day"

The Real Mystery Hunter is an online reality game , The First Official ORG Show launched in the network! This Game is created by the User Young NAture.


No. Name No. of Hunters
1 Season 1 - Cryptozoology 12

Game Play[]

This is a New Original Game and it has set of a new Format listed under:-

Mysteries - Each round, there will be a mystery given as per the Season's Theme

Teams - Initially you will be divided into Teams of 2, you will solve the mystery as a team. It is Important that in every mystery there will be a Captain!.

Points - In order to win a round, you will be gathering evidence in the form of images, video, statements, you can even create your own hypothesis and the main aim of such evidences is to convince a group of people/ judges whether the subject exist or not...Each Individual based on their contribution will be awarded points from 0 to 10 from each judge. In Case of Teams, the points of each team member will be added up to determine who wins and who lose.

Immunity/Mystery Hunter of the Week - If you are a Winning Team you are granted Immunity and If you have the highest points on the winning team, you will be awarded the title of Mystery Hunter of the Week!

Judges - a panel of people who will judge your contributions and determine the outcome of each week!

Evidence Book - Each Team will be given a Evidence Book, where they can store and keep the Evidence they found.

Elimination - This is a little different, the two people with the lowest points individually on the losing team will be up for elimination, where the rest of the team members will vote off one of the two!. In case of a tie the Judges will be voting out a player!

Mystery Gem - This is a powerful tool in the game, there are 5 Mystery Gems hidden in the each round, if a player can find them , he will be given automatic immunity, he will be safe even if he receives the lowest point!

Mini Games - Each round hunters will be playing a mini game and the winner can choose a prize out of the given options each round!

Winner's Vote - At the end all elminated hunters and the judges will decide between the finalists on who will become the Real Mystery Hunter!