Survivor Roraima - The Idol of Burden
Roraima Logo.png
Number of Players 21
Days 39
Winner TBA
Runner(s)-up TBA
Teams 3
Previous Season None
Next Season TBA

Survivor Roraima - The Idol of Burden is the first org game of Survivor in the 1YN Org Netwrok!



Beauty Vs Brain Vs Brawn - At the start of the game , the castaways will be divided based on their looks, wits and strength!

Pick Your Poison - The 21 Players have a chance to vote for the structure of the season i.e., options were given out to decide the timing of the merge, Tribal Swaps , The composition of the Finalists and the Merge Colour. Results will announced once the game progresses!

Survivor Bazaar - This is the Third Twist introduced into the game. It adds another element into the Game!

Mount Roraima - Mount Roraima is a location , where a handful of players are sent in order to obtain the Ultimate Power

Idol of Burden - This Idol allows a person to transfer any votes on them to anyone of their choice besides the person they voted for.

More to revealed later!


Castaway Original Tribe Dissolved Tribe Merged Tribe Finished Vote Against
Heather.png Heather Leigh Cameron Ouro - 1st Voted Out

Day 3

Kyle.jpg Kyle Smith Kapon -

2nd Voted Out

Day 5

Replacement Juror

Stephen.png Stephen DeRenzis Ouro - 3rd Voted Out

Day 8

Daniel.jpg Daniel Olson Kapon Pemon 4th Voted Out

Day 11

Arianna.jpg Arianna Cavillo Kapon Pemon

5th Voted Out

Day 14

Tj.jpg TJ Apostol Pemon Pemon


Day 16

14329893 1575981919374336 3340471490596335958 n.jpg Anthony "AJ" James Pemon Pemon


Day 16

Greg.jpg Gregory Stevenson Pemon Pemon Xununumetamu 8th Voted Out

Day 19

(Removed from the jury)

Rho.png Rhodanna Abano Ouro Kapon Medically Evacuated

Day 21

2nd Juror

Aren.png Aren Williams Ouro Pemon 10th Voted Out

Day 21

3rd Juror

Ciere.png Ci'ere Goulding Ouro Kapon 11th Voted Out

Day 24

4th Juror

14344905 1575981906041004 8312724099373062887 n.jpg Charlie Trelli Pemon Kapon 12th Voted Out

Day 27

5th Juror

Jake.jpg Jake Carl Kapon Pemon 13th Voted Out

Day 29

6th Juror

Jon.jpg Jon Michel Pemon Kapon 14th Voted Out

Day 31

7th Juror

Tata (1).png Tata Ouro Pemon 15th Voted Out

Day 33

8th Juror

Bradley.jpg Bradley Gordon Kapon Kapon

16th Voted Out

Day 35

9th Juror

Tayne.png Tayne Evans Ouro Pemon 17th Voted Out

Day 36

10th Juror

Michelle (1).jpg Michelle "Chelle" Pithie Pemon Kapon 18th Voted Out

Day 37

11th Juror

Lilly (2).jpg Lilly Williams Kapon Kapon 2nd Runner Up 4
Alex v.jpg Alex Viror Kapon Kapon 1st Runner Up 1
Mel.jpg Melissa Maxwell Pemon Kapon Sole Survivor 0


Episode Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
Cooking Faster Than That Stupid Fire Pemon Pemon Heather 5-1-1 1st Voted Out

Day 3

Kapon Kapon
Rush Attack Survivor Bazaar Pemon Kyle 5-2 2nd Voted Out

Day 5

3 Kapon Pemon Stephen 5-1 3rd Voted Out

Day 8

Pemon Kapon
4 Survivor Bazaar Kapon Daniel 5-2-2 4th Voted Out

Day 11

5 Survivor Bazaar Kapon Arianna 5-2-1 5th Voted Out

Day 14

6 Survivor Bazaar Aj & Tj None Disqualified

Day 16

7 Survivor Bazaar Mel,Charlie,Tayne,Rhodanna Gregory 6-1-1-0 8th Voted Out

Day 19

8 Survivor Bazaar Mel Rhodanna & Aren None/ 5-2-1-1-1-1 Medivac & 10th Voted Out

Day 21

Voting History


please mention your name if you want to play!

As on 13th September 2016 , Applications are closed!

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