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Hello Everyone, Welcome To Survivor Roraima - Idol of Burden Cast Reveal!![]

Meet the Castaways!!!!

The Beauty Tribe which will be called Pemon consist of :

TJ, Chelle, Charlie, Greg, Melissa, Jon and AJ

The Brain Tribe which will be called Kapon consist of :

Jake, Daniel, Kyle, Lilly, Alex, Bradley and Arianna

The Brawn Tribe which will be called Ouro consist of:

Tata, Aren, Rhodanna, Tayne, Heather, Stephen and Ci'ere

Welcome  to Survivor Roraima - Idol of Burden!!!

First off Congratulations everyone on being apart of the cast of Survivor Roraima, We are here in this beautiful and treacherous location near Mount Roraima , which is known as The Lost World. Roraima is certainly a place of adventure, excitement and full of exploration but it is also a place filled with enormous amphibians, dangerous wildlife and extreme weather conditions. You will be tested upon your skills, your gameplay and your determination. So, without furthur or do, This season , we will introduce Game-Changing Twists that will alter how you traditionally play and will either be a blessing or a curse for some of you but for one of you it will be a triumphant victory!. Alright Survivors have fun and Goodluck!

Your First Twist will be posted soon!  :)