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Welcome to Your Second Immunity Challenge! For Today's Challenge you will playing Target Time!

Instructions :

  1. There will be 6 players each tribe who will be playing.
  2. Each Player will have 3 Lives each.
  3. You will post " I Target (Name of Player)" below in the comment Section. You can choose to Target once in half an Hour!
  4. However, One player from each Tribe will be a Decoy, which means if you have chosen to target this person you will lose a life , and the Decoy will gain the life you lost and the Decoy will become a regular Player!
  5. The Challenge will end at 11.30 Pm EST i.e, 20 hours from now!

Also, The Link to the Doc will be provided later!

The Two Tribes with the Most members left wins Immunity and safe tonight at tribal when somebody will be the 2nd Person voted out of this game!

The 1st Tribe with the most member left gets Immunity and the Right to send a handful of Players to Mount Roraima!

Now Daniel and Mel Bought an Advantage at the Bazaar that means Melissa and Daniel has the power to Grant someone in their tribe a Shield! . Players who wishes to Target them , Firstly you need to Comment , " I Break (name of player's Shield) Twice!!!. Then you can target them!

Also Kapon and Pemon has an extra member! Before you start posting . TJ has been chosen to sit out and Daniel has been chosen randomly to sit out! ..Goodluck!

KAPON : Prize - Tribal Council  

Bradley - 0 ( Out)  

Alex - 0 (Out)

Lilly - 0 (Out)

Kyle - 0 (Out)

Jake - 0 (Out)

Arianna - 0 (Out)


Mel - 3 (Shield) one more to break shield

AJ - 3

Charlie - 3

Greg - 3

Jon - 2

Chelle - 3

OURO : 2nd Place

Rho - (Out)

Aren - 0 (Out)

Tata - 0 (Out)

Stephen - 0 (Out)

Tayne - 0 (Out)

Ci'ere - (Out)