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Welcome To Tribal Council, First Grab a Torch , Get a Flame, Dip it in the Fire, Because Fire Represents your life in this game, if your fire is gone , so are you which will happen for one of you tonight!

            Okay So, Everyone, What Happen, you guys Were last in both the Challenges?

Heather : Do you feel you guys were not cohesive as a tribe?

Rho : How is the Vibe at Camp?

Aren : You were very vocal in both the challenges, do you feel safe tonight?

Stephen : Who is the weakest member in your tribe so far?

i am the weakest player

Tayne : What is the most important thing this tribe has to do to win?

Tata : What do you think about the bazaar Twist?

Ci'ere : Has it set in yet , that your Tribe will be down to 6 and how do you feel about Tonight's Vote?

         Castaways you will use the Voting Parchment below to Cast your Vote

                                                          Screenshot (123).png

You will have till 9.30 AM EST to vote! 

Note : If you do not vote, a self vote will take place ...Goodluck!!