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Mangatar's Next Top Model Cycle 3
Season Theme Expect The Unexpected
Season Run August - September 2018
Number of Episodes 10
Number of Players 11
Days 30
Winner Linus
Runner(s)-up Gloria
Previous Season Mangatar's Next Top Model Cycle 2
Next Season Manga Next Top Model Cycle 4

The Third cycle of Mangatars Next Top Model Started on August 2018 on the 1YN ORG Network.[1] Head judge and host Jo along with Nathaniel, Nadine Cai, Shea and Alex Koror will lead this season's crop of contestants.[2]

Series Summary[]


A total of 23 applications were received but ultimately only 8 were chosen to compete for the show.

Guest Judges[]

Returning Models[]

Joining the cast of 8 is Julia, Mo and Tiago from Cycle 2! making this season's cast to 11!


Viewer's Vote : This Allows the Viewers to vote for their favorites to receive various advantages throughout the season.

Boxes : There were 6 boxes which contains different powers to be utilized throughout the competition.

Magic Mirror : This is a power that a contestant can use to save someone from elimination. The Last time to use this was at the Final 4.



Contestant Country Finish Eliminated

Cycle 2

Australia 11th


Episode 1
Ben Ashyin USA 10th Episode 1
Aleks Ntoritos Ukraine 9th Episode 3
Medha Saggurti USA


Episode 3

Blake Bougerelle Canada 7th

Episode 4

Tiago Silva

Cycle 2

Argentina 6th Episode 5
Mohammed Addoum

Cycle 2

Lebanon 5th Episode 7
Josh Phillips USA 4th

Originally Eliminated : Episode 2

Returned : Episode 6

Eliminated : Episode 8

Aidan Mcdonald USA 3rd Episode 9
Gloria Query USA 2nd Episode 10
Nigel "Linus" Canada 1st Episode 10


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10
1 Linus Linus Aidan Aidan Linus Linus Aidan Linus Linus Linus
2 Aleks Aidan Linus Linus Aidan Aidan Josh Aidan Gloria Gloria
3 Aidan Mo Blake Gloria Gloria Josh Linus Gloria Aidan
4 Tiago Blake Mo Mo Mo Mo Gloria Josh
5 Medha Gloria Tiago Tiago Tiago Gloria Mo
6 Blake Tiago Gloria Blake
7 Gloria Aleks Medha
8 Mo Medha Aleks
9 Josh Josh
10 Julia
11 Ben

Weekly Scores[]

(Total and average scores on the table only reflect scores calculated from the full sets added during panel)

Place Model Episodes Scores


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 6 7 8