Mangatar's Next Top Model Cycle 3
Season Theme Expect The Unexpected
Season Run August - September 2018
Number of Episodes 10
Number of Players 11
Days 30
Winner Linus
Runner(s)-up Gloria
Previous Season Mangatar's Next Top Model Cycle 2
Next Season Manga Next Top Model Cycle 4
The Third cycle of Mangatars Next Top Model Started on August 2018 on the 1YN ORG Network.[1] Head judge and host Jo along with Nathaniel, Nadine Cai, Shea and Alex Koror will lead this season's crop of contestants.[2]

Series Summary Edit

Applications Edit

A total of 23 applications were received but ultimately only 8 were chosen to compete for the show.

Guest Judges Edit

Returning Models Edit

Joining the cast of 8 is Julia, Mo and Tiago from Cycle 2! making this season's cast to 11!

Twists Edit

Viewer's Vote : This Allows the Viewers to vote for their favorites to receive various advantages throughout the season.

Boxes : There were 6 boxes which contains different powers to be utilized throughout the competition.

Magic Mirror : This is a power that a contestant can use to save someone from elimination. The Last time to use this was at the Final 4.

Cast Edit

Contestants Edit

Contestant Country Finish Eliminated

Cycle 2

Australia 11th


Episode 1
Ben Ashyin USA 10th Episode 1
Aleks Ntoritos Ukraine 9th Episode 3
Medha Saggurti USA


Episode 3

Blake Bougerelle Canada 7th

Episode 4

Tiago Silva

Cycle 2

Argentina 6th Episode 5
Mohammed Addoum

Cycle 2

Lebanon 5th Episode 7
Josh Phillips USA 4th

Originally Eliminated : Episode 2

Returned : Episode 6

Eliminated : Episode 8

Aidan Mcdonald USA 3rd Episode 9
Gloria Query USA 2nd Episode 10
Nigel "Linus" Canada 1st Episode 10


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10
1 Linus Linus Aidan Aidan Linus Linus Aidan Linus Linus Linus
2 Aleks Aidan Linus Linus Aidan Aidan Josh Aidan Gloria Gloria
3 Aidan Mo Blake Gloria Gloria Josh Linus Gloria Aidan
4 Tiago Blake Mo Mo Mo Mo Gloria Josh
5 Medha Gloria Tiago Tiago Tiago Gloria Mo
6 Blake Tiago Gloria Blake
7 Gloria Aleks Medha
8 Mo Medha Aleks
9 Josh Josh
10 Julia
11 Ben

Weekly Scores Edit

(Total and average scores on the table only reflect scores calculated from the full sets added during panel)

Place Model Episodes Scores

Leaderboard Edit

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 6 7 8
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