1YN ORG Network Wikia
Manga Next Top Model Cycle 5 : Battle of the Favorites - Rage in the Cosmos
Season Theme Rage in the Cosmos
Season Run 4th January 2019
Number of Episodes 10
Number of Players 13
Days 30
Winner Stephanie Ketchum
Runner(s)-up Nathaniel Swede, Carlos Mora & Aidan McDonald
Previous Season Manga Next Top Model Cycle 4
Next Season TBA

The Fifth cycle of Mangatars Next Top Model Battle of the Favorites  began on January 2019 on the 1YN ORG Network.[1] Head judge and hosts Jo & Lexi along with Szymon, Shea, Linus and Miguel will lead this season's crop of contestants.[2]

Series Summary[]


A total of 13 Returning players were invited back for another shot to win the Title!

Prizes : 5$ Amazon Gift Card, E-Certificates.

Guest Judges[]


Secret Whisper - For Episode 1 & 2 Each Model Must Vote for someone who they think has the most potential and the least potential. Subsequently the models with the most potential votes wins a reward while the one with the most least potential votes is punished.

Judges Verdict - For the First Time in Top Model History, the Bottom 2/3 are up for a verdict where the Judges will vote who stays and who goes.



Contestant Country Cycle Previous Finish Finish Eliminated
Gloria Query USA 3 2nd 13th Episode 1
Tiago Silva Argentina 2&3 6th & 6th 12th Episode 1
John Robertson UK 2 5th 11th


Episode 2
Josh Phillips USA 3 4th 10th Episode 3
Aleksandr Ukraine 3 9th 9th Episode 4
Mohammed "Mo"Addoum Lebanon 2 & 3 4th & 5th 8th Episode 5
Louise UK 4 5th 7th Episode 6
Nam "Han" Vietnam 4 7th 6th Episode 7
Belinda USA 4 3rd 5th Episode 8
Aidan USA 3 3rd 4th Episode 10
Carlos Ecuador 4 6th 3rd Episode 10
Nathaniel Swede Sweden 1 1st 2nd Episode 10
Stephanie USA 4 4th 1st Episode 10


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10
1 Louise &


Louise Aleks Stephanie Aidan Nathaniel

& Aidan

Carlos Carlos Stephanie

& Aidan

2 Stephanie Louise Nathaniel Carlos Aidan Nathaniel Nathaniel
3 Nathaniel & Aleks Aidan Stephanie Carlos Stephanie &


Carlos Nathaniel Aidan Nathaniel Carlos
4 Aleks Carlos Han Stephanie Belinda Stephanie Carlos Aidan
5 Carlos Nathaniel Nathaniel Aidan Belinda Belinda Stephanie Belinda
6 Han Carlos Belinda Belinda Louise Han Han
7 Stephanie Belinda Mo Mo Han Louise
8 John Han Aidan Louise Mo
9 Josh John Han Aleks
10 Belinda Mo Josh
11 Mo Josh
12 Tiago
13 Gloria

Tomato - The Contestant is Eliminated

Brown - The Contestant Was in the Bottom 2/3 that week and up for the Judges Verdict

Purple - Contestant was Saved that Week when they were originally elimininated

Gold - Contestant was Immune

Red - Contestant Quit

Challenge Winners Table[]

Episode No. Challenge Winner Prize
1 Aleks and Aidan Ability to decide the Brief for the photo shoot
2 Stephanie +1 Rank up
3 Carlos 1$ Amazon Gift Card
4 Stephanie Immunity
5 Stephanie, Louise, Mo & Aidan +1 Rank Up

Judges Vote Verdict[]

Judges Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tiago & Mo Josh & Mo Josh & Aidan & Han Louise & Aleks Mo & Han Louise & Han Han & Stephanie Stephanie & Belinda Nathaniel & Carlos
Jo Tiago Josh Josh Aleks Han Louise Han Belinda Non Elimination
Shea Tiago Mo Josh Aleks Mo Han Han Belinda
Lexi Tiago Mo Josh Louise Mo Louise Han Belinda
Szymon Tiago Mo Josh Aleks Mo Louise Han Belinda
Miguel Tiago Josh Josh Aleks Mo Louise Han Belinda
Linus Tiago Josh Josh Louise Mo Louise Han Belinda

Here The Judges Vote is to Send Someone from the bottom home during that week.

In Case of a tie, the model with the lowest rank goes.