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Head Of Closets- My Arch-Enemies are Random is the third episode of Big Sister Gossip Me

Day 3[]

Hello Everyone , I'm Charlotte Drake, And welcome to Big Sister, now last time we left off with the 7 remaining house guests baffled with the fact they are all turning to Models this round, welp, i hope you all enjoy their transformation - Charlotte

Miguel : Man, can we give Chelle the Win already, or at least Send Purry Home !

Chelle : haha!

Jino : Ow, I'm still here!

Chelle : Yay!!!!

So, purry thinks i should be the last person she wants tos e eon earth like EXCUSE ME BITCH. COME AND FIGHT ME!! - Miguel

Miguel : Purry your going down, and btw Oh and btw, I was told yesterday that Gregory was calling me pale as paper last night so little bitch what's good?! lil hoe i will fite u

Gregory : I'm the only one allowed to be paler than a ghost here!


Charlotte : House Guests gather around!!!

Miguel : OMG , Exciting!!!

Charlotte : So I will call you models this round.....and you will all be competng to win the Head Of Closets!!!!

Miguel : I left my closet a few years ago, man

Charlotte *ignores Miguel* : you need to design your own Mangatar and put any ideas ..we will be judging them on a fashion basis!!! This round you will not vote, your performance alone will detemine who will be up for eviction...dont be the bottom 2 guys!

Gregory : don't like the closet. I think a monster's hiding in it. Probably under my bed as well. :P

Charlotte : The theme for your mangatar is - Fashion Craze!!!! and there will be a special panel of judges that will be judging your mangatars! Please welcome, Brain xkc, Charlie Trelli and Amber kingsley!!

Jino : The Queen!!!

Amber : Hey Guys :D

Charlotte : Okay, the judges will now proceed to their Guest rooms! and Goodluck!

I loved the challenge and i'm going to nailed it and Miguel you can just kizz my Ass!! - Purry
Im playing this season for charlie, everything i do i do it for him so when Charlotte told us we were models for the week i got really excited bc this is a chance for me to prove to him that i can do this, i can be and i want to be the first call out model and win best photo of the week, i wish nothing more - Miguel

Chelle : Guys, I'm really worried i don't have internet access to make a fresh new mangatar!

Miguel : it's okay no one will send you home. I'l make sure you're the Queen of Big Sister

Chelle : Haha nawww thanks xx. I only moved house 3 days ago and Internet hasn't been put in and won't for another week :(.

Charlotte : Okay House guests, thank you for your submission and Chelle and Purry we will take your default manga for judging so Goodluck Guys


Amber : Yayy. I feel like Lindsay from Total Drama for some reason.

Charlotte : Hey everyone thank you so much for taking your time to be a guest judge for Big Sister!

Amber : Your welcome babe

Brian : ;) love this group!

Charlie : BRIAN <3 and Queen Amber <3

Charlotte : Okay fellow judges , we are Judging on a theme called Fashion Craze...on the House Guests Mangatar...also you will have to give a comment and provide a score between 0 to 10. So shall we begin!

Amber : Yes

Charlotte : First up is Gregory!

Amber : Oooh yeah I heard about him. He has this moody mangatar right? It's funny, kinda creepy though. His mustache is funky but besides that I don't think it's really special so 6/10 for me.

Charlotte : I personally think he is trying to exude humour it is...crazy i mean everything is mis match but yea...its okay...il give a 7.

Brian : Umm... hmm.. I really like the glasses. It's a nice pop of color. The mustache is weird-looking, but it's pretty humorous. Nice colors, though. Like Amber said, pretty average. 6/10 from me.

Amber : *high fives Brian*

Charlie : ooh,well the mustache is cute but I'll probably score it a 6 also just because the look is a bit all over the place.

Charlotte : So, Greg scores 23/40. Next up is Tata! I dont think this scream Fashion Craze to me....cus it looks ordinary so a 3 for me.

Charlie : It's a little too safe, it's cute but it's basic so I'd give it a 4.

Amber : Tata 2/10 she always looks like that right?

Brian : Mehh... it's okay. Like y'all said cute but pretty basic. 4/10 from me, too.

Charlotte : Her score is 13/40. next up is Nathaniel! If this is Nathaniel Crazy Fashion Sense id buy me a Clown suit, it is just slobby a 4 for me.

Brian : This is not as basic, but also pretty... homeless-y. Like, this looks like the guy that lives on the corner. I give it a 5.

Charlie : I'm gonna give it a 4 because it's sort of fashionable but kinda slobbish.

Amber : Nathaniel 4/10 he's good at making mangaters but this one is a dissapointement for me

Charlotte : so 17/40. Next up spicy Miguel..btw Charlie, Miguel has a message for you!

" Im playing this season for charlie, everything i do i do it for him so when mister jo told us we were models for the week i got really excited bc this is a chance for me to prove to him that i can do this, i can be and i want to be the first call out model and win best photo of the week, i wish nothing more" - miguel

Charlie : He better not screw this one up!

Charlie : I'M FCKGNEHJGNDFJ!!!!HE'S SO LAZY.I'm giving him a 1 for no effort

Brian : Okaaayy... so it's kinda basic, but those colors!! The flag being incorporated on the jacket is p cool, though. I'm going to give him a 6.

Amber : Miguel 5/10 I love the jacket but did Charlie made that lol? That cost some points.

Charlotte : Il give him a 6 cus i kinda ljke race car outfit

Charlie : I made that 😂😂😂 ages ago lmao

Charlotte : so its 18 for Miguel! next Up is Jino!

Brain : Okok, I like it. But like... I could see myself wearing most of that, and I tend to stay basic. Soo... 4.

Charlotte : Really This is his crazy Fashion Sense like someone buy the clown suit already. Thats a 2 for me sorry.

Charlie : i'm gonna give it a 2, not crazy enough

Amber : Jino 2/10 same story as I gave to Tata's score

Charlotte : so that is a 10! Next up is Purry

Amber : Purry 7/10 i love it, it's really a more slaying purry we've seen already. love it!

Charlie : YASSS!!! Solid 9 from me, it's out there but it's still fashion forward.

Charlotte : This is Hot and Crazy and besides the cigarette i think its pretty strong comparably. Il give a 9 as well.

Brian : OK I LOVE THIS!!! This is crraaaayyy!! Whiskers on point. Earrings on point. That cigarette on point. I give it an 8. I would wear most of that, but it's cray. Charlotte : That's 35 for Purry, Last up is Chelle..

Charlie : Nothing really going on so I'm gonna give it a 2

Brian : B A S I C. Like gurl... where yo Starbucks at? I'm going to give it a 2

Amber : Chelle 1/10 she only changed the face shape.

Charlotte : okay i guess that's 8 and our lowest score , which means Chelle is automatically up for eviction, so judges what do you think of the cast performance overall?

Charlie : It was underwhelming with a few exceptions, not a lot of effort from some of them.

Brian : A lot of basic benches that need to make sure they step up their games in the upcoming performances. Some were pretty good, but most were plain.

Charlotte : Well i guess we have arrive at a decision. Thanks for your time Judges!

Amber : <3.

Head Of Closets Results[]

Charlotte : I Have the Results! ( for the results please open this link http://1yn-org-network.wikia.com/wiki/Top_Model_Results%21%21%21)

Nathaniel : Charlie giving miguel 1 point XD

Charlotte : Congratualtions Purry, you are the Head Of Closets, Now Purry you have to exiled someone to a closet who will it be!

Jino : Most of us here already go out of the closet and then you want us back WHHHYYYY

Purry : hdkdhfkgh

Nathaniel : XD

Purry : I want to exile MIGUEL, get back in the closet smelly.

Charlotte : Miguel you cannot talk for 4 hours.

Purry : aha binch

Charlotte : House Guest , Someone will be joining you and no they wont be participating but They are very important for this round, please welcome Hudson Jones!

House Guests : Welcome! *Nathaniel hugs Hudson*

Hudson : Hi Everyone!

Gregory : He is very impish?

Hudson : *pulls off my mask* HEYYYY EVERYBODY IT'S KATHY GRIFFIN , just kidding XD

Charlotte : also , House Guests the PONSV challenge will be in the form of clues, i will give you a series of clues and it is your job to figure them out! Goodluck!

*After 4 Hours*

Miguel : Guess who's back :14:29, August 29, 2016 (UTC)) i can finally TALK


Nathaniel : Welcome Back !

Miguel : Purry your so dead to me, and Thanks Nathaniel! People in the big sister house, I want you all to know that I only have ONE target and that is PURRY THE RAT so if you keep me in the big sister house I promise to EXTERMINATE her.

Gregory : But my one target is Gregory our plans seems to clash!

Charlotte : Okay Miguel...we know chelle is up for eviction...who else will you put up for eviction.

Miguel : Ok so this is a v v v important decision. I want everyone to pm me someone else's name with a reason as to why I should put that person up against chellangel.

Charlotte : In the meantime, here is Clue 1 : * an actor holding a mask*, In no time, the House Guests made their guesses , to which none were right, Note : Each House Guest has 15 guesses, they can trade their Guesses for 1 BSP!.

Miguel : Only 2 people have PMed me a target so far, the others better step up or I'll random. Org this nom!!!! 1!1!1.

Purry : miguel dont be so DISRESPECTFUL




Miguel : Vl conf: this season in the big sister house has been a roller coaster of emotions for me and now that i actually have the chance to impact the game, im just not sure what is my best move




Miguel : ;-;

Gregory : I can't

Purry : who is trying to nominate ME

Miguel : Sucks to suck

Purry: *sits* i'm going to win big sister!

Gregory : I'm not everyone!

Miguel : Sweetie no one here likes you!

Purry : nominate me BITCH I DARE YOU!

Gregory : I Know :D

Miguel : Uh how many points does Purry have?

Purry : Enough to beat your ASS

Miguel : come and <expletive> fight me

Purry : send me ur location

Miguel : *he posted the location* Come and fight me!

Purry : Im on my way

Gregory : Im on my way as well

Miguel : yay partyyy

*Next Day*

Hudson : hey, guys, can I ask something of you?

Miguel : Sure

Hudson : me and some of my friends do brantsteeles sometimes, and we all pick the casts together based on a certain themeand the latest theme that we've come up with is "Queens vs Cuisine", and each of chooses 1 queen (any female from some sort of media that we love xD) and 1 cuisine (a food article)and then we do the simulation to see how all of our picks do do any of you guys want to make picks?

Tata : Oh yep I remember :D that was fun.Well for cuisine I'd love ice cream :D and for queens, hmm, what kind of? I'm going to filter mine though for this :D

Charlotte : Time for another clue, Clue 2 for PONSV,"Mary Queen Of Scots...loves to go to the ball and wears a mask and eats Pizza"


Miguel : guys its time for the nomination ceremony. I will start by naming everyone, one by one, until there's two people left, one of them will be up on the block next to Chellangel.Also I was watching bb so thats why I didnt do this earlier, apologies Charlotte.Ok, so the first person who is SAFE from eviction is...Nathaniel <3 you deserve to be here 100% and I'm glad we have had time to bond here on the big sister house.

Next person safe is....

Tata! Altough you were being mean and didnt pm me like I said everyone shouldve done, you are tata after all and I love you so much so I cant really ever put you up for eviction., tbh since her fb name was etat and i saw her talking about playing in greece once, for the longest time i thought she was one of the premerge boys that i couldnt remember and then i found out etat was a girl so i thought she was erica who also played in greece and it was only a few days ago in the unicorncs forever chat that i found out etat is tata so that like shook my whole world you know, the big sister house is definitely the place for me to deal with so many changes all happening so fast

so that leaves gregory, jino and purrY

Hudson :*dramatic music plays* *suspense builds*.

Miguel : the next person who im gonna talk about actually ASKED me to nominate them, but will I do that?No, sorry Gregory but your time in the big sister house is not over yet, not on my watch, althought you have been kinda rude to our new guest hudson so you better improve that, ily tho.


Miguel : Jino and Purry, one of you two will face elimination..

Purry, I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have the power to nominate you right now, you have made my life in the big sister house a living HELL since day 1. YOu are bratty, you are catty, you are rude to each and every person here and honestly I do not feel like you deserve to be here AT ALL. You are also a big snake in the grass but oh soon your ass will be grass, you best believe that. As soon as I found out I was nominating someone I thought of you because, like I said, you are the ONLY person I am targeting in the big sister house. Unfortunately for all of us, the universe doesnt seem to want your sorry weak ass to go just yet, because when I went to Charlotte to ask about how the process of the nominations worked (and ask her who were the players left bc i had no idea lmao), she told me that although I can nominate the Head of Models, I should be careful, because they would get an advantage.... So the question is, do I risk putting you up and facing whatever advantage you secretly hold this week? Or do I calm myself and endure you for at least one more round? Let us find out....

Gregory : Evicted from the Big Sister house

Hudson : this drama <3

Purry you are....SAFE!!!

Miguel : Jino, I'm so sorry but at the end of the day you did not come and talk to me, and you know how much i love private conversations. Also i have not seen you around the big sister house during the whole day, which raises the question, if i ever need you in the future, will you be there for me? I honestly cannot answer that question, which is why, jino, please sit next to chelle, you have been nominated.This Big Sister nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Charlotte : Thank you Miguel, You should be glad you didn't pick Purry , because purry as the HOC has the prize to reverse nominee!

Gregory : #Blindside #Wowzers #Drama #WhatATwist #Something #IAmRunningOutOfHashtags.

Miguel : WHEW! Glad i played with me head and not my <3

nathaniel and i are friends and i love nathaniel but in games he makes me nervous bc he is driven by his emotions and he has deep emotions, like the time when he was on the jury on tre and he voted to have me killed bc he thought i had killed him in dangaropnanaa, so its very scary sharing the big sister house with him but im ready for any challenge this game might throw at me - Miguel
Everyone is nice here :D - Tata
ok so purry and i have some bad blood after costa rica, she hates me bc i had one idol and 4 other artifacts and she was 100% loyal to me but i still let her die right before the start of the jury phase, ever since then she has sent me hateful messages every other day and has threatened me with exposing any nudes i might have out there to the whole org world! this is the reason why purry is my MAIN target here on the big sister house and why i will do anything to get her out - Miguel

Charlotte : However the House Guest will not vote to save or voteout a nominee, that will be up to Hudson ,as i said Hudson will be very important this round :)

Miguel : OM GOSH!!!!


Charlotte : Alright House Guests, Now for the Big Sister Challenge, you will be ask 5 questions about your house guests, whoever gets the most correct questions wins 5 BSPs!, Here are the Questions

What is their Favorite Food?
What is their Favorite Movie?
Who Inspiration in their Lives?
What are the Struggles they overcame in Life?
What Value they live by?

Miguel : Goodluck guys!


Charlotte : Here is your third clue : " :P"

(the house guests made their guesses unfortunately none of them were right)

Charlotte : alright , i'l give the final two clues....Clue 4 : .The Answer lies in him!... and your 5th Clue is a picture of spectacles.

( The House Guests repeatedly guess and did not get it right to the point where the time was over)...

Charlotte : House guests , the answer is ..................Hudson Jones ...all clues point to him, all the clues are based on his description and what he spoke before to you all! so, here is how

Explain : Clue 1....Hudson tak about mask n as you can see..In the photo cece holds a mask

Clue 2: he talk.about his brainsteele Queens vs cusines...n in clue 2 it mention mary scots and pizza

Clue 3...hudson uses :P a lot

Clue 4 he is a him

Clue 5 he wears glasses.

Tata : ha..Whau i just realized.

Chelle : Ffs i was thinking that!I'm a freaking idiot. I looked back to the chat. Omg noooooo..

Chelle : I'm slapping Myself!

Gregory : Hudson eliminates all of us and wins the season?

Charlotte : Since no one got it right, Miguel was randomly picked as the winner! also you have won 2BSPs..

Nathaniel : Congratulations Miguel!

Miguel : :( I was promised 5 BSPs

Miguel is kinda annoying, like dude shut up for once - Nathaniel
i dont personally know chelle, we wanted her to be cast for sichuan as a brawn or a beauty but at the last minute she was cut and it was very very sad, i remember she was hosting a game where the winner got like actual money so like im gonna hang out with her on the big sister house bc i go where the money is - Miguel

gregory seems like a very young kid, hes 13 or 12 and im always rooting for him in orgs, he has an interesting sense of humor, but in the big sister house you never know who your friends and your enemies are and if he tries to come for me or chelle i might have to pull out some cards and get him to leave me and chelle along - Miguel

Charlotte : Gather around House Guests it is time to reveal who wins the Big Sister Challenge!

Let us begin with Tata, none of you got it right except for Chelle you got 1 question right!

Next is Jino , None of you got anything right , except that Jino left a blank for "Inspiration", however, Gregory did leave a blank to in respond to this question, so Gregory gets a point.

Purry : wild

Miguel : Damn.Nice strategy dude.

Nathaniel : Hey, I said none for that! That should count! XD.

Charlotte : Next up is Purry.

Purry : O shids thats me!

Charlotte : Unfortunately most of you did not get it right, Miguel you said her favorite food is something disgusting like her, however Jino got her favorite food correct! Jino gets a point!

Next up is Nathaniel, None of you got anything right about Nathaniel!

Next Up is Gregory, he left all of his answers blank so anyone that corresponds to his blank answers will get a point, Purry and Nathaniel did that once and each got a point!

Next Up is Miguel ,

Miguel : do i have 0 points, omf gosh!!

Chelle : LOL

Charlotte : Unfortunately no one got anything right about Miguel! Alright Last Up is Chelle

Jino you got her inspiration right, and her struggle in life, you know what chelle i wont call it a struggle , i would call you a Strong Woman, you did not deserve to be with an ass of a man like that, you deserve better , for someone to call himself a husband or a man and treats his wife like very inhumane, he is the one who is struggling not you chelle, you are victorious and he is a FAILURE! i'm so happy for you and how strong you are as a mother as a friend as a person ! your truly amazing someone so amazing that He who i call a disgraceful <expletivce>! deserves not even one sec of your time or a single breath ..Stay Strong <3

Miguel : Chelle is honestly my fave <3

Chelle : Nawww Charlotte thank you ❤❤

Charlotte : With that Jino leads with 2 points and he wins The Big Sister Challenge and wins 5 BSPs!

Charlotte : Okay Guys it's time for the eviction ceremony!

Eviction Ceremony[]

*all the House guests and hudson gathered in the living room*

Charlotte : Before we proceed to Hudson, Miguel has decided to like both nominees so the PONSV is discarded..Alright Hudson , you have a choice to evict either Jino or Chelle, i'l give you a minute to come up with the final decision!

Hudson : Well, if anyone would like to come forward and say who they'd like to go, that'd be great xD. otherwise idk what to do.

Gregory : I'd like everyone to go.

Chelle : Definitely won't as I'm not a quitter :P.

Gregory : :(

Hudson : Okay, i have decided.......



I have chosen to evict.....





.Charlotte : STOP! Hudson!

Hudson : i evict!

Charlotte : I said stop!!1

Hudson : ?

Charlotte : Chelle, Jino you both ain't going no where this is a non- eviciton round!! your both safe!!1

Chelle : Yahhhhhhhhhh omg hell yeah.

Nathaniel : :(

Charlotte : No one is eliminated, in fact you all get 1 BSP!

Chelle : Woooppppp all winning!

I literally panicked!! i thought i was done, because of how hard this round has been, i thought it was game over for me but thank goodness no one got evicted *Phew* - Chelle

Hudson : so i was here for no reason, charlotte thinks im not capable to evict someone but that's sort of true since i know evicting someone would be unfair to begin with so just jk!!! XD XD ....I knew about the twist already!!

Nathaniel : This round was eventful!!! Is Hudson gonna leave!

Charlotte : Unfortunately, he is still visiting.

Hudson : Rude!

Wow i survived my 2nd time being up for eviction, i needed this and now i'm going to do what it takes to win - Jino



Miguel got sooo screw'd up, I'm LAUGHING MY ASS OFFFF!!!! i mean He freakin deserved it, that's what you get hun! never mess with Queen Purry ..i'm soo *ahahahahahaha* i can't stop laughing,*calms down* omg Miguel screamed out loud before that nobody likes me, yea right whose a fool now, not only he is dislike by everyone but even the game don't like his smelly ass too *AHAHAHAHAHAHA* i'm sorry i got to stop! - Purry

Miguel : It's rigged for me .So everything that happens is in my best interest!!

Charlotte : Well house guests it has been quite a round, and i'm sure you all need your rest, so be prepared house guests because tomorrow will be very stressful , Goodnight!

Well, This was indeed an eventful round, no one got evicted, Miguel and Purry are cutting each other's throat , but hey everyone got at least One BSP!! , Well stay tune to find out next time on what challenges will our house guests face! Goodnight Everybody - Charlotte Drake


  1. The Episode title was spoken by Gregory!
  2. Hudson Jones was a Visitor Guest!
  3. This episode did not include any eviction!
  4. Guest judges were Amber Kingsley, Brian XKC and Charlie Trelli!