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Head Of Bedrooms - Can I Just Live Here Forever! is the second episode of Big Sister Gossip Me!

Day 2[]

Hello Everyone :D , I'm Charlotte Drake and Welcome to Big Sister, last episode we've seen a few controversial characters and some not so controversial, in such a day filled with drama, fun and quite the relaxing atmosphere, well with Asa out of the House, we're down to 8 House Guests or so they thought! - Charlotte Drake

Charlotte : House Guest gather around the Living room! I have a Surprise for you!

Gregory : Is it a Party? :D

*Most of the House Guests seated in the living room*

Charlotte : First Congratulations on making it to the Top 8 and surviving your first eviction...:D

Tayne : Yeah! Harambe!

Charlotte : Well , the reason your all here is very simple, your going to welcome the 10th and final House Guest!

Purry : What :O

Jino : Wow

I Hope its Charlie, Please Please Please let it be Charlie - Miguel

Charlotte : Please Welcome Miss Chelle!

Chelle : Hi! all!

Gregory, Jino, Purry : Hi!!!!

No Charlie :( :( :( :( :( - Miguel

Jino : Chelle <3, i love everyone here :* :*

Chelle : :)

Hey!!! I'm Chelle , i'm so excited to be here!!! This is legit fun! - Chelle

Charlotte : Well Chelle We hope you have a wonderful Stay, and to make it more comfortable Chelle , you will be given automatic Immunity, meaning you cannot be evicted this week!

Chelle : Phew!

Charlotte : As for the remaining House Guest, you will all be competing for the title of Head Of Bedrooms! Houseguest you will now compete in a very aggressive challenge and who ever wins will send not one but two house guests to a secluded bedroom where they will be locked for 4 hours........Also you wont be in Teams anymore , thats right House Guest you will be divided from Teams to Pairs!!!

Tata : Oh man :(

Charlotte : On, the Screen you will find your partner..Everyone take look!

*The Camera shows to the Big Sister Tv Screen and Zooms out The Pairings*

Purry & Miguel
Jino & Tayne
Blake & Tata
Nathaniel & Gregory

Miguel : WHAT!!! with here, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, disgusting

Purry : Shut up, Take back what you said you perv!

Miguel : Oh Hell No!

Charlotte : Alright House Guests Your Challenge is :

"The Challenge is post in your facebook page I Love Big Sister, The person with the most likes and comments in 6 hours wins!

Jino : I LOVE the People here

Tata : Same <3

Miguel : Me too except for the evil elf!! (Purry)

*Purry rolls eyes*

Charlotte : Now House Guests there is a twist,Hidden inside Big Sister Bedroom is a Hidden Power of Not So Veto.....but here's the catch the two people.that are sent to the bedroom will have to find it ..because only one will come out. Thats right one person will be automatically evicted and the victorious house guest will decide which pair will be up for eviction!

Purry : I Wanna be Head!

Jino : I really love everyone here ;( <3

Purry : Jino <3

Jino : Can i just live here forever

I really like everyone here, they are truly genuine people and i feel very happy to be here :D - Jino

Head of Bedrooms Winner Reveal[]

Charlotte : House Guests Gather around the Living room it is time for the HOB ceremony!

*Everyone gathers around the living room , eagerly waiting for the result*

Charlotte : Alright , House Guest Your Head of Bedrooms is ...................Tata! Congratulations to Tata she wins Head of Bedrooms! Congratulations on your post!

Purry : Posted Where

Charlotte : On her Facebook Wall

Purry : stab me

Tata : Thanks Charlotte :D

Charlotte : Now you will send two houseguest to the bedroom irrespective of being pairs ...but you cannot send chelle.

Tata : all right!Good day, everyone! I hope you guys will have a nice day :)

As the Head of Bedroom, I have the rights to send two of you guys to the bedroom.

I think this could be a hard field for me because I love all of you guys, unfortunately I still have to make the decision. The two names are...

Gregory I'm so sorry to send you up, we didn't really talk much here I see, but hopefully we can talk more once we enter the bedroom.

Blake, the same statement as Gregory's. With hope that I can talk more with you all.

That's all from me today. With that, the Bedroom Ceremony is adjourned.

Charlotte : Thank You Tata. Gregory and Blake has been exiled to a Bedroom for 4 hours...you are not allowed to talk to them...gregory and Blake ....I will ask you guys a question....if you get it right you stay and win the Hidden PONSV!

Head Of Bedrooms Persons Exiled
Tata Blake & Gregory

Chelle: Omg i don't know anyone. Ummmmn give me a Minute!

Jino : Chelle ;-; you don't know me ;(

Chelle : yup i do , i know a few but not all

Exiled Bedroom[]

*Meanwhile Blake and Gregory tears up the bedroom.........looking for the hidden PONSV! and They found a two boxes one for each *

Charlotte : Alright Blake and Gregory , your challenge is for you to open the box to do so ,you have to find Charlie's Birthday!

Gregory : I have to wait a year!!

Charlotte : No, all you need to do to win and stay alive is to find Charlie's Birthday!

Gregory : But it already has passed :P

Living Room[]

Purry : INHALES!!! Jino let's form a power alliance

Jino: YAS! what shall we call it?

Purry : hmmm, i can't think of anthing creative.

Jino : Me too;-; , can anyone help?

Charlotte : No alliances

Purry : Oh Heck!

Jino : but Purry is my mom, bye mom ;(

Purry : bye ;(.......*BACKSTABS Jino*

Jino : Mom WHY!!!!!

Jino : *Got killed from getting stabbed by Purry with a real knife*

Purry : ;'( i ah dto do it to furthur my self in the gay!!!! * gaym!

Jino : *Ghost spirits awaken*, Now i can stay here forever!

Tata : Yesh!

Purry: He will haunt this house 4ever!

Jino : Join me everyone!

Purry : I dun wanna die ;(

Jino : Give me a revive the one from pokemon I think it works on humans

Purry : *does that nerdy thing u just said*!!

Jino : Owww *EXHALE*

Miguel : Is Purry out already!

Big Sister Winner's Challenge 1[]

Charlotte : House Guests gather in the living room!

*Everyone gathers*

Charlotte : House Guests , Time to find out how you will win Big Sister, it's not by public vote, no Jury!!! you all be earning Big Sister Points or BSPs!! So the House Guest with the most Big Sister Points at the end of the game like who ever remains wins!

Big Sister Challenge 1

//// Post 'I love myself' on your timeline and tag me so i could monitor the person with most likes wins 1 Big Sister Point!....Goodluck Houseguest//// btw , if a viewer House Guest likes your post, you will earn an extra BSP!

Miguel : Can someone give me BSPs!!

Jino : I can like your post if you all want!

Miguel : I wont subject to this i am a free willed Man :D ! Though I want Chelle to win all points!

Jino : i'm okay with anyone winning points cus everyone deserves it :D

Miguel : Only Chelle , DEFINITELY Not Purry!

Chelle : Why me? :)...Not that i'm complaining lol XX

Miguel : Bc I hate everyone else in this House except Charlotte!

Charlotte : Thank You

*Purry hears this and storms into the room*

Purry : hey why dont u kiss my ASS!

Tata : uh Oh! this is interesting!

Miguel : Oh I also love Tata, so Chelle or Tata to win!

Miguel who does he think he is, he is an ASS a Jerk of the 1st Grade! - Purry

Charlotte : Alright House Guests, so far Chelle is in the Lead!! with 15 likes, Tata with 5 and Purry with 1!

Charlotte : will Miguel come to the confessional room

Miguel Omggg!! Ok!

Chelle : Laugh Out Loud!

I Honestly don't care who wins but it shouldn't be Purry , i don't want her to win, she doesn't deserved it..Period! - Miguel

*Few Minutes Later, Miguel likes Purry's Post*

Charlotte : Okay , House Guests, the Challenge is over with over 50 likes Chelle Wins The Big Sister Challenge!!! She gets 2 BSPs

Chelle : Thank You!

YAssss! i won 2 BSPs i'm so happy and i really like everyone here..this is gonna be fun!! - Chelle

Automatic Eviction & Nomination[]

*Gregory soon finds the answer to the Question! He entered Charlie's Birthday onto the box and it opens containing the PONSV!!

Charlotte : House guests gather around!!

House guests ..Gregory has won The Hidden Power of Not so veto......Congratulations Gregory you are safe...which means....we say Goodbye to Blake Strickland. Please say your goodbyes

Gregory : Your Goodbyes!......sorry ;(

*Blake exits the House without a word of Goodbye*

Charlotte : Alright Gregory ,now it is time to nominate a pair for eviction, with Blake gone, Chelle will replace Blake!

Gregory : I Nominate Tata and Chelle!

Charlotte : I'm sorry House Guest, Chelle is immune and Tata is safe for this round!!, because Chelle has been granted immunity as an individual and now she is apart of a pair, her partner also receives immunity!

Gregory : In that case, Jino and Tayne

Charlotte : alright! Jino and Tayne are up for eviction!

PONSV Nominees
Gregory Tayne & Jino

Jino : * Preparing my Stuff*

Charlotte : All Houseguest will Cast their vote! Gregory has decided to like.both players so the PONSV will be discarded!So guys Be careful how you vote cus it could mean your voting someone stay or someone to go....i will randomize the nature of the votes are cast! Btw Tata as HOB, you will have an extra vote!

Jino : Whaaat ;-;!

Jino : Saying my goodbyes in advance to all amazing people here. Purry, Chelle, Tata, Miguel, Gregory and tayne(Although I haven't talked with tayne ever but your cool).

Charlotte : You missed out on Nathaniel!

Jino : Ow yeah OMG and also Nathaniel ;-;.Okay rephrasing everything.Saying my goodbyes in advance to all amazing people here. Purry, Chelle, Tata, Miguel, Gregory, Nathaniel and tayne(Although I haven't talked with tayne ever but your cool)

Purry : Don't Vote out Jino! he's the only one in the house who cant kikke ur ass!

Jino : I don't know if it as a compliment or not but yaaas

Chelle : Take it jino :D!

Honestly I want to Stay really bad , i don't want to go!! i really don't :P - Jino
This whole time , i kept silent , so i wont be targeted , and Gregory decided to put me and Jino up..like DAT BOI!!!! - Tayne
The Only Reason why i wanted Jino in, is because he is easy to beat!!! even that dirty scum bag Miguel would keep Jino Ha! - Purry!

Eviction Ceremony[]

Charlotte : House Guests it is time to reveal the result!

*Jino & Tayne holds each other's hands ..waiting for their fate to be revaled*

Charlotte :So The Votes are 5 for Tayne 2 for Jino. However, Tayne you have the most votes cast, You are either going to be saved or your going to be evicted! It is now time to reveal whether the House Guests have voted someone out or you voted to Save someone! The Nature of the vote is...................................Voting to Evict Someone!

Charlotte : That means Tayne... you have been evicted from the Big Sister House

Tayne : ;^( ;^( Harambe!! ;^( ;^(

Charlotte : Time To say your Goodbyes!

Tayne : Righto!

*The door opens*

*Tayne hugs everyone and kisses Harambe's photo and walks out of the Big Sister Door!

Purry : Poor Tayne ;^(

Jino : i'l win for you!!!! Tayne!!

*The door closes*

Voter Voted Against Jino/Tayne
Purry Tayne
Nathaniel Tayne
Tata Tayne/Tayne
Miguel Jino
Chelle Tayne
Gregory Jino

Charlotte : House Guests!! its sad to say goodbye to Tayne but time to get to business again!

Jino : :O

Purry : What Business!!

Charlotte : There are 3 formats have been put up one by one you will all vote for a format! now i can't say whether your voting for a format you want or not! i will reveal once all votes have been cast!

The Challenge
Top Model

*One by One the House Guest have voted!*

Charlotte : Thank you House guests, i will now reveal the result, the format that received the lowest votes provided it should have at least a vote will be adopted for the next round of Big Sister!

Voter Format
Jino Top Model
Miguel Top Model
Tata Survivor
Gregory Survivor
Purry Survivor
Chelle Survivor
Nathaniel Survivor

Charlotte : With 2 to 5 votes, Top Model will be the format for the next round...Your all turning into Models!!!!!


Miguel : So Ready!

Charlotte : Tomorrow you will find out your Head of Rooms Challenge , so get some rest and have a Goodnight House Guests!

Well With Two House Guests evicted in a day, and the top model format in play, how will it change the game, will our House Guests over come the odds or will they fall and face eviction! This is Charlotte Drake, Goodnight every body!


  1. The Title was spoken by Jino.
  2. Guest Viewers were Lucas and Charlie