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Come on in, guys!

First thing's first, I will take immunity back!

For today's challenge, you will be playing THE HIGHER LOWER GAME!

You will have 24 hours to submit a score in your confessional chat. If you are playing from your computer, the date and time MUST be visible in the screenshot or your submission will be invalid.

The mobile version of this game allows you to play again after a mistake, so in fairness, those submitting from mobile MUST have their "Oops! Play again?" button visible or your submission will be invalid.

EDIT: For some, "Oops! Play again?" is replaced by a "Keep going?" button. The keep going button MUST be visible in your submission.

Once all scores have been entered, your individual scores will be averaged for an overall tribe score. For example, if 5 people were playing this game and the scores were:

10 3 6 4 2

Their total score is 25. The average (25 divided by 5 scores) is 5, so their tribe score would be 5. Each player's individual score WILL be posted publicly. The two tribes with the highest scores will win immunity and be safe from Tribal Council. The tribe with the lowest score will have a date with the hosts at Tribal Council, where the third person will be voted out of this game.

COMPUTER VERSION LINK: http://www.higherlowergame.com/

The mobile version can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

Survivors ready? GO!