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       Pemon and Ouro Take a look at the new Kapon Tribe, Kyle was voted out at the last Tribal Council!

Okay, Today Pemon you have won the right to choose 2 people from each tribe to go to Mount Roraima! Please Tell me the names!        

          On the other hand, the People that are not picked will compete in today's Reward Challenge!

Instructions:  Your Tribe Will be given a Rope, You Will have to Comment every half and hour to stay alive!That is One post for every 30 minutes. If you do not , you will lose your Grip and fall off, The Tribe with the most members wins!  

Reward : 1. Two Tribe members will have the Right to attend  losing Tribe Tribal Council! or 2. A Survivor Pass! The Challenge will end in 12 Hours!!!! Goodluck!

Note - If someone does not start within 2 hours of the challenge commencing, they will be out automatically.

Winners : Bradley & Melissa ( Brain and Beauty)

Eliminated :

BRAWN: Aren , Rhodanna, Tata and Stephen

BEAUTY: Chelle , TJ , AJ

BRAIN: Daniel, Arianna, Jake ,