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Welcome to your Reward Challenge 

I Hope you guys have settle down at camp, because it's time to compete for your very first challenge.

The Challenge is called Make Your Fire

Fire fire.jpg

Instructions :

One person from each tribe  will start posting ONLY ONCE  "Uses Flint on Firewood and Fire Sparks " then the next person will be Posting "Collects Firewood", then the next person will post " places firewood and husk in the fire " and then the next person will post " Makes Fire Larger" and the next person will post " Makes Fire Larger" . If you have posted you will wait till one more member of your tribe has posted i.e., you cannot post back to back there must be an interval in between! The Two Tribe that manages to make a larger fire wins Reward!

Want to know what your playing for....

The Winning Tribe has a choice to decide between

Choice A : 1/7 shot of winning INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY at your First Tribal Council

FP Immunity Necklace.png


Choice B : An ADVANTAGE in the Next Immunity Challenge! The Tribe with the second largest fire gets whatever the winning tribe doesn't pick!


Below will be a google doc link to show the update of the challenge!


You will posting in the Comments below... Goodluck Survivors!!!! GO!!!

Challenge ends at 6 Am EST 16th september!

NOTE TO THE HOST :* " MARK HERE" will be edited in a comment which will Mark the last time the doc was edited!!!*