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                                          Okay Now a day ago, i came to your camps with two Boxes A and B ..

                                                                    Time to Reveal Whats in those boxes

                                                                             On Second Thought , why don't everyone




                                                                                  And Pick them up again

                                                                            And Drop them again cus We ARE


Here is what happened, In your Pick your poison twist, there was a tie between the merge at 12 and 14, so i delivered Box A which has 12 merge buffs and Box B which has 14 merge buffs..However, the vote again was tied 7-7...So to make it fair , we have randomized between Box A and Box B....and Box B came victorious! 

So You will all leave for your New BEach and Come up with a Tribe name and The Colour for your Tribe is Purple!!!

Survivor Bazaar will be up soon!