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                                                               Kapon take a look at the New Pemon Tribe

                                                                 Daniel Voted out at the last Tribal Council            

               Alright Welcome to Day 12 of Survivor Roraima - Idols of Burden Now Today things will be a bit different      

            I will be giving everyone of you guys the opportunity to go to Mount Roraima and have a chance to obtain the ULTIMATE' POWER'.


The Ultimate Power is indeed worth playing for , details to the Ultimate Power will still be unknown , so if you want a chance at this  you can volunteer in your Tribe Chat to go by saying " I want to go to Mount Roraima"


If you choose to go to Mount Roraima , you will remain there until the next Immunity Challenge , that means you will have no conversations with your tribe or anyone except those in Mount Roraima ....Also "YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY ANYTHING AT THE SURVIVOR BAZAAR"

Think Wisely!