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Alright Kapon and Pemon Now, it's time for your very first challenge as New Tribes!

You will be playing Riddle Your Way

Instructions :

1. As notified earlier, there will be 4 pairs of each tribe trying to make a riddle of their own, it has to be related to Survivor or Roraima!

2. one person who is not in a pair will be your riddle bearer, basically they will be performing the role of communicating for their Tribes.

3. The tribes will pass on the riddle to the riddle bearer and it is their job to showcase the riddles to the other Riddle Bearer, who will then share them with their tribe . The Tribes will be passing their answers to their own  riddle Bearer and he/she will state their answers to the other riddle bearer.

4. The riddle bearer must know all the Answers of their Tribe's Riddle. if you solve a riddle right you get 2 points and  if you get a riddle wrong, then the tribe who is responsible for making that riddle scores a point.

5. The Tribe with the most answered riddles will win immunity

Note : Because Mel has bought a Tribal advantage ,  The Kapon Tribe has the Right to decide who to pair with who on the Pemon Tribe! and they will earn an extra point on solving their first riddle!

Challenge ends at  1 pm IST! or earlier ...