Big Sister Gossip Me!
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Season Theme Gossip Me!
Season Run 23rd August 2016 -
Number of Episodes TBA
Number of Players 10
Days TBA
Winner TBA
Runner(s)-up TBA
Teams 3
Previous Season None
Next Season TBA

Big Sister Season 1 is a Parody Game ORG which pits 10 House Guests in a game of Twist, Turns and Quite the Punch!

Houseguests Edit

House Guest Challenge Wins Status Evicted Day
Asa Asa Kusuri
Team C
0 1st Evicted 1
Blake Blake Strickland
Team B
0 2nd Evicted 2
Tayne Tayne Evans
New Zealand
Team A
0 3rd evicted 2
Gregory Gregory Stevenson
Team C
1 4th Evicted 7
Tatat Surf Tata Surf
Team A
2 House Guest -
Chelle Chelle Pithie
1 House Guest -
Nathaniel Nathaniel Swede
Team C
0 House Guest -
14112132 1172186489505898 2060763905 n Miguel De Gouveia
Team B
0 House Guest -
Purry Purry Furry
Team B
2 House Guest -
Jino Jino Santos
Team A
0 House Guest -

The Game Edit

Head of Room Edit

Each Round House Guests will be competing for different Head of Rooms. The Winner Will have the power to send someone(s) to the secluded room as per the Rounds. The Person Who was sent to such a room grants themselves power to nominate guests for eviction. In certain rounds, if the assigned person chooses to put up his team or pair for elimination he will be granted automatic Immunity!

Big Sister Points Edit

Starting From Round 2 , The House Guest are assigned a challenged to compete for Big Sister Points. This is so, The House Guest remainign at the Finale with the most BSPs wins Big Sister! Also Who ever has the Best Performance each round gets 1 BSP!

House Guests Big Sister Points
Chelle 1
Purry 35
Miguel 47
Nathaniel 49
Tata 6
Jino 9
Gregory 1
Tayne 0
Blake 0
Asa 0

Note : 1. From Round Three, you can trade 7 BSPs for Automatic Immunity!

Power of Not So Veto Edit

This Season , The PONSV will be used to save someone the holder doesn't like. In case she/he dislikes/likes the nominees, it will be discarded!

Gossip Me Edit

This is A Twist this season , it will be revealed later!

Call Out Performance Order Edit

Order Episodes
1 Purry Chelle Purry Nathaniel
2 Tata Gregory Miguel Miguel
3 Tayne Tata Gregory Tata
4 Miguel Miguel Nathaniel Purry
5 Jino Purry Tata Chelle
6 Blake Nathaniel Jino Jino
7 Nathaniel Jino Chelle Gregory
8 Gregory Tayne
9 Asa Blake
10 (Chelle)

Orange: Nominee
Aqua: PONSV Winner
Green: Head of Room Winner
Yellow: Immunity
Tomato: Evicted
Brown : Big Sister Challenge Winner
Silver : Non- Eviction Bottom 2


  1. Chelle was a late entry House Guest. She entered in Episode 2
  2. Blake and Gregory was sent to the Bedroom by Tata where they will be locked for 4 hours, in hopes to find a Hidden PONSV , however the House Guest that did not find will be automatically evicted, in this case, was Blake!
  3. In Round three Jino won the 2nd Big Sister Challenge and was a nominee.

Episodes Edit

No. Episode Evictee Votes Against
1 Head Of Toilets - This is an Intervention Asa 0
2 Head Of Bedrooms - Can I Just Live Here Forever! Blake/Tayne 0/5
3 Head Of Closets - My Arch-Enemies Are Random None -
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