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Big Sister 2 - Battle of the Kingdoms
Season Theme Battle of the Kingdoms
Number of Players 16
Teams 4

Battle of the Kingdoms is the second Installment of the Parody Series Big Sister!


This Season we will taken to a new format, where 16 Players will be divided into 4 Kingdoms.

More Twists to be revealed.....


Kingdom of Nelice

Kingdom of Worthrone

Kingdom of Hadgards

Kingdom of Trezopol


4 Civilians will be put into a kingdom each, and for the first few stages they will go on battle against the other Kingdoms. Exile will play a huge factor in this season and the civilians will have to fight together in order to stay alive! Challenges will be so different like you've never seen or played before!PONSV will not be in play but instead, the Medallion of Salvation will be in play and in stead of Big Sister Points, The civilians will have to collect Gold Coins!

more to be revealed later!


If you want to be apart of this season , all you have to do is comment below your name along with your mangatar as per the Season's Theme! :)